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Newstar TV/Monitor Wall Mount (Full Motion) for 32"-65" Screen - Black

Tilt and Swing (3 pivots) wall mount suitable for screens between 32" and 65" (check VESA compatability) and up to 40kg max. Depth 5 to 51cm. This model allows you to pull your screen away from the wall, and then turn it left or right, and also tilt forward to choose the ideal viewing angle to suit your needs. For detailed specification please see below.. Suitable for ALL VESA sizes between 200x200mm and 600x400mm (further explanation about VESA in product description). 5 Year Warranty. Newstar have over 20 years experience of providing high specification mounts. "You get what you pay for"..

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V7 WCL2DA99-2E V7 Heavy Duty Low Profile Articulating Wall Mount for Displays 32" to 65"

Mount monitors or TV's from 32" to 65" up to 99 lbs. Heavy duty dual cantilever arms extends out and retracts back against wall. Low profile lateral articulation with panel swivel -45 to 45 degrees. "H" truss mounting bracket allows you to screw directly to wall studs. Cable management channel keeps cables organized.

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ALINT 1PC Bob Marley Quote Wall Sticker Words Decor Love The Life You Live Room Wall Sticker TV Background Wall Butterfly and Vine Home Decor living Room DIY Decal

Material: High quality PVC.
. The decal is made of a high quality, waterproof and durable vinyl, it will stick to any smooth surface such as walls, doors, glass, cabinets, appliances, etc .Ideal for dry, clean, and smooth surfaces.
. Decorate a beautiful home in a few minutes.This decal is a perfect gift for friend or family who enjoy decorating their homes.. Imaginative art for you and won't damage your walls without much effort and cost you can decorate and style your home, quick and easy to apply.. Environmentally friendly water resistant and mildew proof.It will give your room a refreshing look and create an enchanting atmosphere..

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GYUHANLT Home Building Home Television Background Draws 161 * 65 CM Creative Wall Stickers Fashion Wall Decals Environmental Protection Wall Mural Home Decoration Plane Decorative Material Wallpaper

When the wall stickers are shipped curly up delivery, so when the wall stickers will be received wall stickers will be rolled up. In order to achieve a better paste effect, you should first flatten the wall stickers on a flat object for a few hours under pressure to make the wall stickers back to smooth, and then paste, so you can avoid post-paste local curling situation.. Paste the time try to fix a direction, then slowly toward the other direction past. Of course, sometimes there will inevitably be some small bubbles appear. We can pin a hole in the bubble and then squeeze out the air inside the bubble. This solved a small bubble, does not affect the appearance.. Wall stickers cleaning ------ 1, with a vacuum cleaner full of dust; 2, diluted detergent can also be injected into the sprayer; 3, the wall stickers on a full spray cleaner; 4, the role of 10 to 15 minutes after the stain From the fiber; 5, cleaning the wall stickers, wall stickers at the same time, with a suction machine has been washed net; 2235, so that the wall stickers, wall stickers completely dry, to speed up the dry, dryer can be activated.. If you have any questions, you can contact us and we will give you the best service. If you want to return, please provide the detailed reason and picture of the product you received, we will arrange for you to re-distribute or refund.

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