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CDA EIN60 60cm Integrated Cooker Hood Extractor in Silver/Grey

Cooker Extractor Fan. 3 Speeds. Slider Controls. 40W Lamp.

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SAIBANGZI Silk Scarf Buckle Scarf Shawl Hood Buckle Circle Small Silk Scarf Ring Silk Jewelry Accessories Female Silk Towel Companion Silk Scarf Buckle Golden Three Rings

Season: Soft and lightweight structure makes you like to wear this scarf all year round.. Size: Width: 70cm, Length: 70cm.. Color Category: Button Khaki button Gray.. Applicable season: Spring and Autumn Summer and winter.. Maintenance method: can be washed. The water temperature is less than 30 ℃. Can not be bleached. Recommended clean water can be. No, you can't soak in the water. Can not be exposed to exposure..

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Kaige Ring, Bone Ring and Childhood Diamond with Our Hao Stone Opening Adjustment Ring Europe and The United States Wind Accessories, Sent to The Dear People

Material: 30% Silver. Hypoallergenic material allows you to wear comfortably. This ring is the perfect gift for any occasion.. The ring has an adjustable design for different sizes of fingers. Exquisite design, showing the unique style of the ring, making your fingers more attractive.

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Yiwuhu Leisure Hat Lady's Spring And Summer Duck Hat Floral Cap Sunshade Outdoor Climbing Hat.

The shape of the brim is fixed, the model is long-lasting, the line is neat and tight, the edging is meticulous, and the size of the hat can be adjusted, which is suitable for the general public.. Style: pastoral, Popular element: flower, Product category: baseball cap.. Chic, the hand feels soft, do not lose colour not to deform, the flower layer feels strong, collocation effect is good.. The hood is soft and can be folded, with a sticky buckle to adjust the hood.. Style fashionable and contracted, but also do not break the public of individual character, simple and generous..

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