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Zanussi ZDT22004FA Fully Integrated Standard Dishwasher Black Control Panel

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semboutique Name Brand: Arthur Martin – Electrolux – Panier A COUVERTS – Reference – 152474630

Original Manufacturer. Reference basket. Stock parts are shipped within 24 hours from Monday to Friday.. New Spare Part, 3 month guarantee.. Ensure that your appliance is compatible by checking the product description or by contacting our customer service department.. Description: 1524746300. Appliance models concerned: 911925237 - 911925237, asf4125 - asf4125, asf6168 - asf6168, asf6170 - 91191623100, asf6180 - asf6180, asi6233 - asi6233, asi6233alu, asi6233 W - 91192523700, ZDT6255 - ZDT6255 (Zanussi). .... Classification: dishwasher-safe. Category: cutlery basket. Item Name:/WH dishwasher cutlery basket.

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