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Hotpoint – PROGRAMMER dea700 Plp2 NTC/SENS STRI – c00298034

Original Manufacturer. Reference c00298034. Stock parts are shipped within 24 hours from Monday to Friday.. New Spare Part, 3 month guarantee.. Ensure that your appliance is compatible by checking the product description or by contacting our customer service department.. Description: due to the special nature of this product (electronic equipment, electric hobs it cannot under any circumstances be refunded or exchanged if it has been opened.The warranty is limited to a standard exchange by the exact same product. If the copy comes this defect and after expertise our services... appliance models concerned: dfg 26b16 UK - f084453 (Indesit) (Indesit), dfg 26b16 NX UK - f084454. Classification: dishwasher-safe. Category: Programmer. Product Name: Programmer dea700 plp2 NTC/Sens. Stri.

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